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Oblivion Walker

Kill All Gods

STM Records 13 July 2019

  • Oblivion Walker

    Shoot the Messiah

  • Shoot the Messiah

    Shoot the Messiah

  • Morgellon

    Shoot the Messiah

In 2019 Shoot the Messiah released their full-length debut album “Kill All Gods”. This the first high quality production from Shoot the Messiah. This album portays the beginning of the band and is focused around differentiated theme’s and construction of the songs. The big message isn’t anti religieus or hatefull towards any group of people. The message is: Create your own opinion before you follow the opinion of someone else.


Follow our brutal adventures during our album releases and gigs! Stay with us and get the latest reviews, Show photo’s and other HEAVY news. Spread the words “Kill All Gods!”

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