Shoot the Messiah is a Dutch blackened death metal band that has unleashed itself as a potent and fearless entity within the metal scene. Over the years, the band has built a reputation for their relentless sound and raw emotional expressions.


The band quickly gained prominence for their unique fusion of unrestrained aggression, technical skills, and brutal vocals. Their debut album, “Kill all Gods,” shook the metal world to its core and established Shoot the Messiah as a serious player within the death/thrash genre. This album embodies their daring vision: form your own opinion before following others’. A powerful resistance against herd mentality.


Currently, Shoot the Messiah is gearing up to record their new album. This release not only reflects their evolution as musicians but also their deeper exploration of themes such as human darkness and the boundaries of existence. The new work will combine blistering blackened death metal with classical orchestration.




  • Leroy de Raad                                (Vocals/rhythme guitar)
  • Serge van der Haar                        (Lead guitar)
  • Michael Lubbersen                       (Bass/Back-up vocals)
  • Jesse van Barneveld                     (Drums)

Leroy de Raad

Kill All Gods

Michael Lubbersen

Serge van der Haar

Jesse van Barneveld