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“Here Dead We Lie” EP now out!

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Since the 6 November our EP “Here Dead We Lie” has been officially released. You can find it online at: Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and many more! You can also buy it from our own webshop. Links below




Google Play:


Interview with Floor Flawless

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Serge: “yes, how did we begin?”

Leroy: “Well we began with Sander, Tini and you. And later I joined. Then we were a band without these other two guys.”

Serge: “A band without fame.”

Leroy: “Then his wife, the bass player, was pregnant of their second child. So she stopped. And so we stranded with Michael.”

Michael: “Yes, via Facebook.”

Leroy: “Indeed Facebook”

Serge: “Bass player wanted”

Leroy: “And just before a performance, the old drummer left the band.

So we searched for a new drummer. We had a school project. Simon played the drums en we were playing in the normal setting. And so we are where we are now.”


Simon: ‘Well we first want to make a demo, so people can hear what we do. But we’re already pretty good so that’s going to be alright. “



Michael: “Well I’m trashman, slash truck driver, that’s my job”

Simon: “I study psychology and I have a job on the side for 4 hour in the week”

Leroy: “I study to become a teacher, and I work in the local supermarket on the side”

Serge: “Since a short time I’ve been unemployed against my own will.”


Simon: “I find this fun.  A real job keeps me always busy, it seems really hard to have a fulltime job and always be focused on that job. And I see music as a free live and just do what you like to do. And now it’s just very fun to do this even if it isn’t paid. We will see what will happen.”


Serge: “Yes, The fun of the music is the most important thing.”

Leroy: “Yes, that’s the most important thing and making money is secondary.”

Serge: “But it’s a bonus.”


Serge: “Well, we’re busy in making our demos. And then we hope we can get more performances. And then we will see how it strikes. That’s the question.”


Serge: “Well we have a…. uhhmm”

Leroy: “Facebook page”

Serge: “Facebook. That’s going pretty far”


Leroy: “Yeah, on that page there are some unofficial demos.”

Michael: “Like us”

Leroy: “Yeah like us. There’s also coming a Youtube account. Subscribe.”

Michael: “Do a thumb up.”