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In Joy and Sorrow

The Islander

Flying Records BBR02056 2 February 2016

  • In Joy and Sorrow

    The Hellband

  • Visionary

    The Hellband

  • Bad Prediction

    The Hellband

Finally, let me say some words about “Wicked Game”. I haven’t saved it to the end because it’s the best track, nor because it’s the worst. But because it’s just… awkward to find a Chris Isaak song on a heavy metal album. But with that being said – if I hadn’t heard the Isaak version prior to hearing the cover present on this album, I’d probably think it was a His Infernal Majesty original. Though it is perhaps the most simplistic track, musically – it still sounds like a His Infernal Majesty original, the second and last track on This Is Only the Beginning not containing a calm part, the first one being “Stigmata Diaboli”. It’s perhaps even more of a headbanger than “Stigmata Diaboli” though, due to it’s almost total lack of dynamics. It just continues in the same tempo all the way to its nice grand rock’n’roll ending. This isn’t a bad thing though, as the band manage to pull this off without any difficulties. It’s actually a fitting “pause” from the complexity exhibited on the other tracks.